Friday, October 31, 2014

Vintage Apron Patterns

Apron pattern are some of favorites.  These are some of mine:

These are two of my favorites.  I love the style of the aprons and their 1940's hairdos.
I haven't made either of these.They are the old type of pattern with perforations and no markings.
I haven't been brave enough to tackle them yet!
These are mail order patterns from the 1950's.
I love all the different pocket variations on these!

I've made two aprons from this "flirty skirty" pattern (1/2 apron and full apron).  
They turned out really cute.

What are your favorite apron patterns?  
Do you prefer vintage or new?
Do you sew with your apron patterns or just collect them?


  1. cute! I like to collect aprons but have yet to sew one of my own. I'm new to sewing so I bought a simple apron pattern recently and hope to sew it soon :)

  2. LOVE vintage aprons! All of these are adorable. =)

  3. A simple apron is a great beginning project. I collect aprons too, I'm planning to post pics of my apron collection soon.

  4. So glad to meet others who love aprons too!

  5. Fabulous apron! I love aprons of all kinds.

  6. Love them all! Cute blog btw, now following with bloglovin'! :)

  7. Love the button trim on the cobbler pockets of Mail Order 2755. That would be something I might wear - not too frilly. I usually just wear a full bib barbeque apron when I need one. Quick on and quick off and keeps my clothes clean. Nice collection Tina! I admit I collect the patterns but rarely sew them.